Thursday, August 19, 2010

My First Workshop

I was cleaning up in my stamp room (imagine that!) a couple weeks ago and came across a couple cards. Ok, I came across A LOT of cards and they are sitting in a pile on my floor right now. But two of them were very special. They were the cards that we made at my very first workshop 8 years ago. I originally signed up as a demonstrator just for the discount, but I had a little open house/workshop and then someone booked a party and the snowball started rolling and eight years later I've made more than just a snowman...I have a whole family!

Have you been thinking about signing up? Maybe you can relate to this: before I decided to sign up, I was counting the stampers I knew who would order from me and trying to figure out how I would make that minimum order. I knew Sally would order this much and Rachel this much and Betty this much... Well, after that first workshop and the couple that followed, I ended up with 5 times my quota!! Are you counting possible sales out on your fingers? I say just go for it! You'll never know unless you try. And whether you're near or far, I'll do what I can to help get you ready for your first event. Click here for more information about becoming a demonstrator and joining my "family".

Here's how I started out 8 years ago. (Don't laugh!!)

I don't think I realized back then that these are essentially the same card, just with different stamp sets. (Speaking of which -- can you name those stamp sets!?!)

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Nancy B. / said...

I'm not laughing. Both of those cards look great. Love how you stamped the backgrounds.

Anne in Annapolis said...

Hi Julie,

I still love "Flutterby" -- and still use it! Love the walk down memory lane with the seasoned stamp sets and your first workshop cards!!

You brightened my day!

Have a great weekend--

Lisa Wright said...

I still have the heart card make and take...does that mean I was at your first workshop? Or did you use it for others after your first...either way, I've enjoyed being one of your customers (and friend) all these years and seeing the beautiful cards, scrapbook pages, and projects that you make! Thanks for sharing!


Tina said...

I was there! :P I think I used that happy birthday card a couple of years ago after saving it forever!