Monday, June 30, 2014


Sorry for the blog silence this past week! We are on "vacation" and I haven't been keeping up like I thought I would. We spent the first week at my parents' house and the older kids attended camp. On Sunday, we drove from Michigan to Canada and stayed overnight in Niagara Falls. We finished our drive today and are spending the week with my brother in Pennsylvania. I have some new stuff to share, so stay tuned! I just can't make any promises about new posts _every single_ day this week.

Here are some pictures from our adventures in Niagara Falls.
We took a boat ride to see the Falls up close. Amazing!

All geared up and ready for the "mist".
  I love my red heads!!

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debbie said...

love that you are visiting state. enjoy your vacation :-)

Juliana said...

Looks like fun! All those red-headed kids--so cute!!