Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quick Baby Update: Still Waiting

Just a quick update about baby...I'm 5 days "overdue" and waiting patiently for baby girl to make her debut. I'm hoping to go naturally and not be induced, so send some "hurry up" baby vibes my way!

(As a side note, I took down the baby ticker from the side of my blog because it was actually adding on days "to go" after it hit my due date!)

Stay tuned for the big news! In the meantime, don't forget to put in your guess as to the baby's arrival date and time for your chance to win a free card kit. Click here for details.

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Juliana said...

Try evening primose oil--e-mail me for how to use it.

Good luck! The waiting game is hard (or at least it always is for me!)

Tracy said...

Baby vibes coming your way Julie! I went a week over and had to be induced with both of mine...hang in there!!