Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sword in the Stone Table Decoration

My Cub Scout son had his Blue & Gold banquet a couple of weeks ago. Since I'm "creative", I was asked to make table decorations and favors for the scouts in our den. The theme of the banquet this year was "Knights of the Round Table", so I decided to make each boy a sword in the stone.

It really wasn't that hard, but I was just frustrated that after making 11 of them, only half the boys showed up for the banquet! So know I have 6 left just sitting around the house. This would be so cute for a boy's medieval themed birthday party. Here's how I did it:

I started with floral foam from my local craft store. These are usually used for created flower arrangements in a pot or vase. I bought a package of six bricks and cut each one in half.

Then, I used a knife to slice angles off all sides of the block to make it look like a stone.

My hubby had some gray spray paint (I think he said it was actually primer, but I don't think it matters) and he painted each of the "stones".

The swords are actually pens! I purchased them from Oriental Trading. It came with the tassels, so I just added name tags.

I printed the names using an Old English font onto Whisper White cardstock and then used the Modern Label Punch from Stampin' Up! to punch out each name. I added a 1/16" Hole Punch on the end and then cut from the end to the hole so that I could slide the tag right over the string of the tassel without untying it.

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Wendie Waldman said...

Oh, wow! The boys are going to love these! How very special.

Stampin' Mom of Four said...

How cool!

Wendie Waldman said...

I just re-read your post - 6 didn't show! Maybe they should do an extra "deed" to get their sword in stone!

Kara said...

this is so cool!! this would be great and easy to m ake into little cakes!! great idea!

Anonymous said...

Super awesome I love this