Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Convention 2012: There Were Tears

 In my ten year career as a demonstrator, this past year has my very best ever. I strived for and earned several goals: the Achiever's Bonus and the Fiji Incentive Trip. I earned both a combination of my personal sales and promotions in my downline (the people I recruited). I also earned another bonus for helping my downline promote to a new title. All the while, I've been dreaming and hoping that those accomplishments would add up to something bigger: Founder's Circle. Each year at Convention, the top 100 demonstrators are recognized at Awards Night. There's some complicated formula, but basically, you get points in different categories like sales, recruiting, promotions, etc. It really takes a well-balanced business to rank among the top 100 and be in Founder's Circle.

I've been anxious and nervous and excited. It was killing me not knowing! But today was the day!! The very first thing on my agenda when we got to the Convention Center this morning was to check in at the Awards Booth. There was a long line, but I waited with butterflies in my belly. And finally it was my turn. At the Awards Booth, they hand out pins for different awards that you earn, but the Founder's Circle answer came in an envelope. And as the gal collected my goodies, she started by pulling the envelope!! There were tears...LOTS!! but they were happy tears! My friends were all waiting and cheering me on and I know many of them took pictures, but I'm not sure that any are worth sharing because all I did was wipe tears from my eyes!

To say that I am thrilled is a vast understatement! I have dreamed of this and wanted this for years and I still can't believe it's real!! I'm looking forward to going to Awards Night tomorrow and walking on stage, but even more so, I'm excited for the Founder's Circle Retreat this fall. A few days away, by myself, with all the other achievers. To be spoiled and pampered. To relax and rejuvenate. I can't wait!!!

Thank you! Thank you for reading! Thank you for your friendship and support! Thank you for caring! Thank you for following my stamping journey!

Here is my nametag with all my "flair". The pins are for $30,000 in sales, Excellence in Recruiting, Excellence in Leadership, Fiji Incentive Trip, and Founders Circle 2012. It's hard to read the ribbons. In order, they say: Executive (that's my title), Grand Vacation Achiever, Achievers Bonus Achiever, and Founder's Circle Achiever.

It was a busy day! After I collected all my goodies from the Awards Booth, I ran off to a Focus Group, visited Memento Mall (lots of goodies this year!!), took a tour of the Home Office in Riverton (more on that in my next post), and attended a class. Whew! There is SOOOO much to take pictures of and I haven't seen it all yet. I'll share more photos later this week, but here are a few from the class tonight.

I attended the "I am Creative" class. Concept Artists from the home office shared projects, tips, and ideas as we worked on the banner (pictured below). I am not much of a banner person, so I cut the pieces down to card front size and made cards instead!

Here is one of the projects shared by one of the Concept Artists. I love the bright color and layout of this one! And I think Sassy Salutations just might be my new favorite stamp set!

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Winona said...

Congratulations, Julie!

MrsC.x said...

COngratulations :)
love Charlie.x

Nancy B. / said...

Super congratulations.

Bet you got bonus points for being an overall nice person, too! :)

Cindy Malone said...

That's awesome Julie!!!
Congratulations :-)
I can't wait for our meeting next month, excited!

Claire Lawrence said...

Julie!!!!! sooooo happy for you. i know you had this as a goal, and it's so fun to read you made it!!! congrats!!!

Aimee said...

I'm tearing up in excitement for you!!! Can't wait to hear about all of it and see the pictures.....I'm so proud of you!!!

Beth McAlexander said...

Congratulations, Julie!

Anonymous said...

You made it and you deserve it! Congrats and hugs,Iris Frank

Terrie said...

Congratulations Julie!!