Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tip: How to Make Clear Mount Stamps Stick

When it comes to rubber stamps, my preference is still Wood Mount. I like to be able to grab them off the shelf and use them without fussing around with finding blocks and mounting them. But there are advantages to the Clear Mount option: you can better see where to stamp, they take up less room on the shelf, and they're cheaper!

One of my biggest frustrations with the Clear Mount stamps is getting them to stick and stay on the clear block. You have to make sure the blocks are super clean because even residue from your fingers can prevent the vinyl from sticking to the block. Some people don't put the vinyl stickers on the back of the foam at all and the stamps stick better without them.

This tip, shared by my upline Kim Peck, has worked for me on EVERY stamp in EVERY Clear-Mount stamp set I own!
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How to Make Clear Mount Stamps Stick
  1. Apply vinyl stickers to the back of the Clear Mount stamps (over the foam).
  2. Cover the sticker with a thin coat of 2-Way Glue.
  3. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Stick to a Clear Block.
Yes! It's that easy!! The glue, when dry, will form a temporary bond. It will stick to the block REALLY well, but can still be removed. It won't leave any residue on the clear block either! You can use the stamps over and over. If the sticky should ever wear off, just add another thin coat of 2-Way Glue and allow it to dry completely before you stick it on the block!
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Unknown said...

It's about time someone figured this out!

Catherine Kraft said...

I was having trouble also until I found that using rubbing alcohol on my acrylic mount and wiping it off good, really cleans it - my stamps have been sticking ever since using it.

Sapphire-Rose said...

Thank you so much for this amazing tip! It's been driving me crazy trying to keep my clear mount stamps on my stamp block:-( I have saved your blog on my favourites so I don't miss ANYTHNG:-)
"Sunshine", New Zealand