Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Video Tip: How to Make Clear Mount Stamps STICK!

Are you frustrated with Clear Mount Stamps that just won't stick?!

Stampin' Up! Clear Mount Stamps are designed to be used with a Clear Block Mount (sold separately), which can be re-used over and over with different stamp sets. Clear Mount Stamps have many advantages:
  • They are cheaper.
  • They take up less room in your stamp room.
  • You can see through the Clear block to better line up and position your stamped image.
But one thing that has frustrated many stampers is that sometimes the stamps don't stick to the clear block very well.

The question I get most often from my customers is: "How do you get the Clear Mount stamps to stick?" Today, I'm sharing my answer in the form of a video. I'll walk you through how to assemble your Clear Mount Stamps and share some tips that will help you find success in getting them to stick EVERY time!
Here are some of the tips I shared in the video:
  1. With the stamp laying flat on the table, apply the vinyl sticker one half at a time. Remove half of the sticker backing and line up the sticker over the edges of the stamp. Then adhere the sticky half to the stamp. Remove the rest of the sticker backing.

  2. Apply 2-Way Glue to the over the vinyl sticker on the back of your Clear Mount stamp. Allow the glue to dry. This creates a temporary removable bond, allowing the stamp to stick to your block. (I forgot to mention this in the video, but if you allow the glue to dry completely, it will NOT leave any residue on the clear block when you put it on and take it off. )
  3. Hang on to the rubber outline! Remove the backing and put it in the back of the Clear Mount stamp case to keep your stamps organized. You'll also quickly be able to see if you are missing any stamps before you put them away.
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Chris Anderson said...

Great tips, Julie! Thanks for sharing!!

Chris Anderson said...

Great tips, Julie! Thanks for sharing!

Carol Carriveau said...

Thank you for your tips....and for the video showing how to mount the stickers....I tend not to do it this way and often have bubbles but I do have to say that I don't often have them fall off (thankfully!). But will try the two-way glue when I find some that do not want to stick!

Michelle Quinno said...

I will have to try the two-way glue. I do the same as you with half the sticker. I could never do without the sticker! I was told to use Tombow Multi. It does work but I used too much on a stamp set and my stickers are peeling off! Thank you for the tutorial.

P Miller said...

How I wish I had seen your video before I got rid of the excess from the stamps. I even lost a small heart with dots as I didn't realize it was gone until it was too late. Hard lesson learned. Stampin up could have helped in giving your instructions!

Debi Calandrelle said...

I'm not sure how I am JUST finding this video... but... THANK YOU!
I love your method of applying the stickers as well as applying the glue!

I will definitely be sharing this with my "frustrated" customers!

Thanks again!

comopark1886 said...

Thank you so much for this tip. I can't believe I never thought to do this!