Friday, September 14, 2012

Founder's Circle 2012: Road Trip to Arizona!

I didn't plan well my excursions well. Instead of sleeping in and relaxing, I've been on the go!! Today we left bright and early and drove on buses to Kanab, Utah, where the Stampin' Up! Manufacturing Facility is.  We got the grand tour and learned all the ins and outs of making rubber stamps! And I didn't realize it, but some of the ink pads are also produced in Kanab! I even got to try filling a bottle of Garden Green ink and put the lip, cap, and label on! We got several gifts while we were there, including an awesome new stamp set that I can't show you yet.

Usually, after the tour, Founder's Circle Achievers go to a local park for lunch. I was looking forward to the infamous park because instead of woodchips or sand on the playground, they use scraps of rubber that are recycled and chopped up from Stampin' Up! Well, we didn't get to go to the park, but I did get special permission to climb inside a box of scraps in the room where it's chopped and shredded! It was soft and cushy and would be great on a playground!


After a cookout with the employees, we were back on the bus and off to our surprise special event -- which turned out to be a raft float down a 15 mile stretch of the Colorado River in Glen Arizona!

The views were breathtaking! Seriously, the photos don't do it justice! To give you an idea of how high the rocks were...check out the arrow pointing to the other raft ahead of us in the left corner of this photo:

Our pillow gift (not pictured) when we got back to the hotel was a framed photo of Horseshoe Bend, which we went around on our ride. I love the sentiment on the back about remembering the "big picture" when you in the middle of the ride!
After the float, we grabbed dinner packed in a cute thermal tote and ate on the bus during the 4 hour drive back to St. George. Phew! What a long day!! Lots of prizes and a GIANT snack basket made the bus ride more bearable, and of course chatting with fellow demonstrators made it go quickly!

Now off to bed so I can wake up early for a new adventure!

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Anonymous said...

It just get better and better! I'm so happy for you Julie, you have worked so hard! Isn't the pay-off great? Hugs, Iris

Kerstin und Martina said...

How great is this?!?! I´m so happy for you! I'm also a little jealous ;-)
Kind regards