Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Founde'rs Circle Swaps, Part 2

Here are the other five cards to make up my Top 10 favorite swaps from Founder's Circle. Click here to see the first five. Although...when I was looking through my swaps again yesterday, I pulled out at least another five that are favorites...so I just may have to post a few more!

Card by Dawn Olchefske
Card by Ally Schilling
Card by Linda Heller
Card by Kimberly Van Diepen
Card by Desiree Spenst
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Nancy B. / nacky71@hotmail.com said...

Have to agree -- These 10 cards are appealing.

Also interesting to note people's different interpretations of only having two layers. (I believe you said that was one of the guidelines for your swap cards.)

Joy said...

Love the simplicity of the falling leaves card- Thanks!