Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Party Goody Bags

I hate being a last minute person. I feel like I am always scrambling and putting out fires instead of being able to plan ahead. Do you ever feel like that? I'm always "catching up" and never "caught up". My "to do" list is longer than the day has hours and frankly, I'm just exhausted thinking about it!

Let me paint you a picture and I hope you'll get a good laugh as you understand the chaos of my life. As I mentioned in a previous post, last weekend, we celebrated my son's birthday. I whipped up some invitations and we threw together a party. The day before, I realized that I forgot to consider goody bags. So the morning of the party, I ran to the store and bought treats and decorated  up some bags.

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I love that Stampin' Up! sells Gusseted Cello bags again (#127850, $2.95 for 25) because I already had some on hand. The tags were quick too with the Itty Bitty Banners stamp set and coordinating framelits.

Thirty minutes before the party as we're packing things up to take with us, I realized that I didn't buy cake plates, forks, and napkins! D'oh! We scrambled to pull together leftover plates from other parties and find extra plastic forks. They didn't all match, but at least the kids would have something to eat their cake on!

Then, in the car on the WAY TO THE PARTY, I thought --"hmmm....we don't have anything to cut the cake with!" My dear friend Cindy who stayed to help out at the party, walked over to Dunkin Donuts and scored a plastic knife for us. She bought a coffee and asked for a knife. I can only imagine what the cashier thought she was going to do with it! He actually put it in a BAG for her!! So we cut his cake with a plastic knife and served with a double fork scoop.

That's how things roll at my house!

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Nancy B. / said...

Love this hectic story! :-)

MarvA1ix said...

I'm with you!! Always too much to do, and run out of time. I am currently working on altering a bridesmaid dress that has about 1 hour work, needs to be steamed, and it will be picked up in 3 - 4hours. Granddaughter won't nap, and I can't wait for her to be picked up in 1 1/2 hours!! Then, I need to run checks to bank to cover payments today. Then, I check my emails, and see an opportunity to work this Saturday, and wonder if I should work, or clean my craft room and prepare for workshops next week? Time crunches, and I manage to get things done, but stressed out!! Is it worth it??? Yes, I am superwoman!!

MarvA1ix said...

PS. bags look fine. Boy's don't care if they are cute :) and they would have been fine to dig there hands into the cake and eat it with their fingers. There's an idea for next years meal with no silverware, including ice cream. LOL