Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog Hiatus laptop crapped out on me yesterday. The laptop that is my lifeline. That I do everything on. The one I haven't gotten around to backing up for all of 2012. All TEN months.

I am in "Keep Calm and Carry On" mode. I'm trying to get some help in recovering the data and then get things fixed up and re-set up. I am the type of person that puts off getting new things like phones and computers for the simple fact that I HATE having to set all my programs and preferences again. I am a creature of habit.

As I work through all of this and keep up with other aspects of my business and home life, I realize that it is not realistic for me to continuing blogging daily. I hope to still be able to share some things, but please adjust your expectations for a week or two...hopefully not more than I work through this and try to keep my sanity.

Please know that everything else will carry on as normal -- my clubs, parties, classes, Stamp of the Month Club, Stamp Club at Home, thank you cards for orders, newsletter, etc. I'm not disappearing, I'm just busy! I am still available to answer questions via phone and email, so don't hesitate to reach out when you need me!

And in the meantime...back up, back up, back up!! It is ridiculous how easy it is and I can't believe that I let it go for so long!

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vdoyle8 said...

No woman in America should expect to be able to everything everyday!! Take a much needed break - and thank you for all you've shared in the past!