Monday, November 17, 2008

My Stamp Room

Yesterday I cleaned my stamp room and I took pictures of this rare moment in time so that I can later remember what my floor and my desk look like! (wink!)

My space certainly isn't as big as I would like it to be, but I'm happy to have a "room"! My stamp room/office is off of the laundry room, near the large family room/play room. When I have stamping events in my home, I pull tables out in the family room. So my stamp room is where I keep all my stuff and where I sit and create. (Not pictured is the other side of the room with my desk and computer.)

I have two large cabinets on the right wall (only one is pictured here). One cabinet stores my cardstock and my stamp sets; the other cabinet stores business supplies, DSP & 12x12 cardstock (both kept in 12x12 Paper Holders (#105528, $7.95), and other miscellaneous accessories. For now, my Big Shot and dies are on top of the cabinet with my stamps. I put all the dies in a shoebox size plastic box.

I keep my ink pads on my table so I can quickly pick out what colors I want to use. I store them in the Color Caddy (#104335, $59.95) with the Extender Kit (#107063, $14.95) to accommodate all 48 colors plus neutrals and In Colors. It has a tray on top to store reinkers.

Here's a closer picture of the Decor Elements on the wall behind the table:

"Life is good." Especially when I'm in my room stamping! I love this Decor Element (#114138, $7.95). I jazzed it up a little with some of the bulk buy flowers available to demonstrators. (You can get your hands on some of these little flowers by placing an order with me this month!)

On a separate note...the color of the walls (kind of a celery/gable green cross) was already done when we moved in. I didn't dislike it enough to paint over it (yet). I don't know what color I would choose if I was picking it myself.

Between the cabinet and the wall is where I keep all the fun stuff!

All of my punches are easily accessible on BYGEL rails from IKEA. The hanging baskets to hold the smaller punches and handheld punches are from the same line at IKEA.

The metal shelf underneath is from Walmart. Top shelf holds Forget-Me-Not-Keepers (#105525, $11.95) with adhesive on one side and finished cards on the other. There's a basket on top of the right box with my SNAIL, scissors, bone folder, and other "use often" tools. My markers and leftover Make-&-Take materials are in the middle. Second shelf holds two plastic shoeboxes: one with embossing supplies, one with brads/buttons/eyelets/etc. Crafter's Tool Kit and Crop-a-dile in the middle. Bottom shelf holds Craft Keepers (#104181, $6.95/3) with my cardstock scraps sorted by color family (and by color within that).

The punches and items on the shelf are within reach when I'm sitting at the table creating.

This jar, featuring another Decor Element, holds all my ribbon scraps and sits on the ledge by the window.

Also not pictured are two closets in the room. One of them is filing cabinets and office stuff. The other one stores stamping stuff...alterable items, old catalogs/Stampin' Success mags, card samples, bags, extra cardstock....everything! Hanging on that closet door is an over-the-door wire rack that holds my Ribbon Keepers (#107636, $17.95/2). The rack was something the previous home owners left behind. It's pretty handy! I'll take a picture of that another day....

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Brooke S said...

perfect idea for the ribbon jar... I still haven't used my vinyl flower yet...

Love you D.J.