Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Thoughts on Being a Demonstrator

Tonight I'm preparing for my downline meeting and ssssh, don't tell my downline, I'm going to be talking about recruiting. And I can just see eyes roll as I even type that word. So many demonstrators and customers just cringe or completely tune out when this topic comes up, but I'm not really sure why.

I have been a demonstrator for almost 7 years. And I LOVE it! Sure, I've had moments of self-doubt and wanted to throw in the towel, and I've had some pretty incredible moments (Hawaii Incentive Trip topping the list) and milestones (100K in career sales), but it's all the in-between stuff that keeps me going. It's the surprise free stamp sets, it's the new life-long friends I've made, it's the confidence that has come from standing in front of a small or large group of women to demonstrate and share a project or idea. It's the empowerment I feel as a stay-at-home-mom to be able to get out of the house and interact with other women and contribute INCOME to our family finances. My Stampin' Up! money pays for the mortgage! Yes, I am serious! What would you like to pay for? A new car? Private schooling? Monthly mani/pedi? A family vacation? Student loans?

I think the question really isn't WHY would you want to be a demonstrator, it's WHY WOULDN'T you want to be a demonstrator? And for those demonstrators out there who are afraid of recruiting -- why wouldn't you want to share the opportunity to do something that you yourself enjoy so much?

When I saw that Scrapbooking Starter Kit for only $75, I was completely floored. This is the lowest price of a starter kit I have ever seen. And I honestly was afraid that EVERYONE would sign up. This opportunity is priceless and the starter kit is cheap! I imagined having so many new recruits that I wouldn't have any customers left! (GRIN)

If you're ready to take the plunge and join the Stampin' Up! family, the time is NOW! If you're already working with a local demonstrator, please ask her for more information. If you're not (or if you're one of my loyal stampers; hi ladies!!), please contact me to learn how you can be a part of my team of over 50 Ju-bilant Stampers in Illinois and across the entire country. (You'll find my contact info at the tippy top of the page in my blog header.) Or click here for more information right now about the kit and how you can sign up online.

Have you heard about our fabulous annual convention? Have you seen pictures of confetti-flying with UPS men passing out free stamps? You can join me for this year's convention in Salt Lake City this August. Join now by purchasing the $75 Starter Kit and register to attend convention. I'll even save you a bed in my hotel room!

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cindy said...

Your enthusiasm and your creativity are infectious. I stamp more when you live near me. :) I'm not demonstrator material, but I'm glad you're MY demonstrator. Love ya, lady! Good luck with recruiting!